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Please call the information phone number located on your insurance card for insurance benefits for chiropractic services.

When Calling to verify benefits and eligibility for Chiropractic Services, you will be asked to provide your Member Identification Number and Group Number. Please be sure to have your insurance card with you when calling.

*Chiropractic Services are considered Medical Services.*

You will ask the following questions regarding coverage:

  • What are the benefits for Chiropractic Services?
  • What is the Effective Date on the policy?
  • Does the policy require Preauthorization for any Chiropractic Services?
  • Does the policy require Referral(s) for any Chiropractic Services?
  • Is there a deductible? If so, how much has been met towards it?
  • What is the Coverage and Coinsurance amounts?
  • Is there a Copay for any of the Chiropractic Services?
  • Is there a visit Maximum for Chiropractic Services?
  • What are the Benefits for Physical Therapy performed by the Chiropractor?
  • What are the Benefits for Manipulations performed by the Chiropractor?
  • What are the Benefits for Acupuncture performed by the Chiropractor?

If Dr. Moore is Out of Network with your insurance plan, you may still have coverage but with a higher deductible and copay.

Many plans are high deductible, therefore you will have to pay out of pocket for treatment whether Dr. Moore is in the plan or not.